Mobile Growth Summit 2017 recap: Why brands are focused on mobile creative and lifetime value optimization

If you were in San Francisco last week, hopefully you got a chance to attend Mobile Growth Summit 2017. The two-day event focused on the latest innovations and strategies around how to expand and build your mobile audience.

This year the major theme centered on user acquisition and creative optimization, specifically around the importance of attracting high lifetime value mobile users and the beneficial downstream effects this can have on a brand’s mobile performance marketing strategy.

There were a lot interesting insights shared throughout the day. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Chief marketing officers need to become data-driven ad technologists if they want to stay relevant. In a panel on machine learning and AI marketing, MZ president, Christian Gladwell, along with top executives at Slice and TravelPirates, stressed how much marketing has changed due to advancements in big data and mobile. Brands today have unprecedented access to consumers, but they need to be intelligent about how they engage with them. CMOs who don’t understand mobile performance marketing and how to utilize the latest ad technology to segment users and target them with contextual relevant messages are doomed to fail.
  • Mobile is a key growth channel and understanding your consumer segments is a necessity if you want to build a high-quality audience and re-engage lapsing users. Marketing leaders at StaplesSoundHoundTopps and Walmart agreed that capturing consumers on mobile is essential to future growth. But mobile advertising, whether it’s to bring a user into an app or into a store, is only as effective as that organization’s insight into their consumers. Before you work with any mobile advertising channel, you need to discern the difference between your low-, mid-, and high-value mobile consumers, and how they interact with your brand. You need to also work with ad partners who can understand this.
  • Dynamic creative campaigns are essential for brands looking to build a loyal mobile consumer audience. Contextually relevant mobile ads that are optimized and shown to the right users, at the right time was a tenet that persisted throughout out almost every session at Mobile Growth Summit. Today’s consumers are inundated with a never-ending parade of digital advertising. Mobile ads, particularly in-app video, give smart marketers an edge because consumers on apps are often more engaged. But the fact remains that if these mobile users see an ad that isn’t relevant to them, they won’t convert. Therefore, the best advertising solutions are those that have a data science component that allows a brand’s ad creatives to be automatically optimized for the right viewer.
  • Mobile video ads can increase consumer engagement and spending. Executives from MZ and Zynga led an in-depth discussion on how to maximize in-app engagement and revenue, and a key point in their session was to dispel a mobile advertising misconception. While poorly-implemented traditional digital ads can lead to customer churn, mobile video ads, particularly those that reward users with an in-app item, gift, discount or something else of value for watching, can actual build more user loyalty and engagement. In some cases, users actually complain when MZ and Zynga removed rewarded ads from their apps.
  • Building a loyal mobile consumer audience requires a diverse mobile performance marketing strategy. Speakers from Bloomingdales, iHeartRadio, Pandora and Pinterest shared some of their experiences in growing a mobile audience. They agreed that mobile is crucial in order for any company to stay relevant in today’s market. But to be successful here requires a mixed approach using everything from in-app video ads to push notifications, SMS, mobile web and so on. However, they also stated that no matter what mobile advertising channels are used, you need to be able to accurately measure each one’s performance and use data-driven solutions.

These were just some of the highlights from Mobile Growth Summit. If you want to learn more about how to create an effective mobile marketing strategy, check out our ebook below. And if you want even more information, feel free to contact us.