Zombie Catchers Boosts Session Length 25% with Opt-in Video Ads

If you enjoy killing zombies (and who doesn’t), then you need to immediately pick up your phone and download Zombie Catchers.

This offbeat app takes a new twist on the zombie genre – letting players harpoon the undead and build a business by blending them into smoothies. It was a success from the beginning, hitting 1.5M downloads in its first week. Now, the game has reached top 10 charts in 83 countries, and players return regularly for its addictive zombie-catching gameplay.

Best of all, the studio monetized the game early with Vungle video ads, netting them revenue right away from the game’s success. But as time went on, the studio also discovered something else: Users who viewed a video ad were staying in the game 25% longer.

In our brand new case study, you can read all the gory details:

  • Why they chose to monetize from the beginning
  • The type of placement and format they implemented
  • How opt-in video ads benefited their players and more

See the full case study here:

To get started with Vungle video ads today, check out our blog post on how to integrate our SDK in just 10 minutes.

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