6waves Sees 40% Increase in User Retention with Video Ads

The mobile advertising space isn’t very old, which makes us all the more proud of our long relationship with mobile games publisher and developer 6waves. A trusted partner since 2013, 6waves has expanded into new genres and geos, and we’ve been by their side to ensure that mobile video ads provide them with consistent, strong returns.

Here’s the story of how mobile video became an integral part of 6waves’ monetization strategy.

Roots in Desktop, Liftoff in Mobile

Slots_Magic_Wonderland_1200x627Founded in Hong Kong in 2008, 6waves started producing and publishing Facebook games. Witnessing the steady stream of users moving from desktop to mobile, they expanded their efforts into mobile games, with titles like Slots: Magic Wonderland (iOS & Google Play) from development teams in Beijing, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

Soon, they started looking for ways to better monetize their portfolio – both their own games and those of their developer partners. Vungle became 6waves’ first video ad partner in 2013, first launching with an integration into the mobile hit Emoji Pop (iOS & Google Play).

Bringing Video into the Monetization Mix

Two years after this first launch, 6waves is making significant revenue across all game genres with Vungle video ads.

“Video is generating very attractive eCPMs for us,” reports Andrew Wong, 6waves’ Executive Director, Marketing. “And, the user experience is great. The integration is so smooth.”

6waves uses opt-in video placements in many of their titles, rewarding users with virtual currency or other in-app benefits for watching a short ad.

Along the way, another positive result came to light: “We found if the users have a chance to watch a video, they are more likely to have a longer session time and return to the game in the next day.”

Not only did IAPs remain intact (no cannibalization of purchases occurred from the opt-in ads),  but 6waves also found that up to 50% of users would return to the game within 30 days after watching the video – an increase of 20-40% in user retention after adding video.

Changing Genres, Higher eCPMs

6waves’ mobile titles initially focused on trivia and puzzle  games. But over time, the portfolio has diversified into casual puzzle, casino slots and even a few hard-core games. As we worked together to monetize these newer titles, we saw a significant difference in video ad performance. eCPMs from slot games came in up to 50% higher than puzzle games.

Analyzing this data allowed 6waves to optimize ad performance and scale revenue across multiple titles.

Building on the Foundation

As our monetization partnership continues, Vungle and 6waves are both in the midst of global expansion. We recently launched an office in China, with future global additions to come. 6waves-published mobile games are currently top-grossing in Hong Kong, and they are focusing more resources to help developers crack historically challenging Asian markets like China, Taiwan, and Japan. 6waves is also looking for mobile publishing partners or platforms outside of Asia during GDC in San Francisco.

When it comes to monetization in markets abroad, Wong believes one thing rises above the rest.

“If you have a quality game,” he says. “users will spend a lot of hours on the game and eventually you can convert users from video watching to IAP buyers. Quality is the foundation.”

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