Keep Calm and Find Your Passport: Advertising in Emerging Markets

Growth in the smartphone market is occurring at breakneck speed. But the areas growing fastest aren’t the U.S. or Europe – they’re China, Brazil, India, and other emerging markets where smartphone adoption is showing hockey stick growth.

For advertisers, these markets offer a new user base for your app and an additional audience for your brand message. But to succeed, you’ll need to take time to understand each country’s cultural and behavioral nuances.

The task is difficult, but the opportunity is once in a lifetime, writes our CEO Zain Jaffer, in this week’s byline for AdExchanger. In the piece, he shares what brands should know about entering new markets, including:

How to Embrace the Nuances of Each Market

Knowing where to market your app or product relies on an understanding of consumer mobile behavior in each market, which varies widely. Take app usage, for example. Chinese mobile users love weather apps, Brazilians are big social networkers and Americans love productivity helpers. Gaming apps are widely beloved across markets. … All of these nuances make advertisers’ jobs much harder, but also underscore the importance of finding partners with a local presence in the country who can lend cultural relevance.

Why Advertisers Need to Take China Seriously

China’s mobile advertising market is projected to grow from $2 billion in 2014 to more than $4.1 billion in 2017. That’s five times faster than non-digital advertising. The reasons are clear: 550 million Chinese have smartphones, nearly all with at least one app installed. And they use them frequently. Alongside Americans, they are the heaviest app users in the world.

How Perception Of Advertising Changes By Country

Your ads may meet a friendlier reception in some countries. Chinese users are more than twice as likely to click on an ad than users in the UK and US. In fact, only 7% say they don’t prefer to be targeted by mobile ads, compared to 52% in the UK and 56% in the US.

The Latin American consumer, too, shows openness to receiving mobile advertising messages. This, coupled with massive smartphone growth, has led to projections that Latin America will be the fastest-growing mobile games market by 2017.

One Thing is Clear…

Advertisers can’t afford to ignore these new markets. Watch for more content from Vungle in the months ahead to help you succeed abroad. If you’re attending GDC, we invite you to join our session: “China for the Win! – What Publishers Need to Know to Succeed in this Emerging Market.”

To read the full editorial from Zain on opportunities in emerging markets, visit AdExchanger