Into the Crystal Ball: 5 Predictions for Mobile Advertising Growth in 2015

Americans spend an average of 30 hours in apps each month. That’s more than twice the time we spent just two years ago.

You can bet this kind of paradigm shift hasn’t gone unnoticed by advertisers –it’s completely changing how and where they’re reaching consumers. And, as we enter 2015, it will continue to impact marketing budgets and more as smartphone use skyrockets across the world.

In MediaPost’s Mobile Marketing Daily, Vungle CEO Zain Jaffer shares five predictions for how mobile advertising will continue to change in 2015, including:

1- Brands will move traditional ad spend to mobile.
For years, video was primarily consumed in front of the TV, and then online channels like YouTube. As this transition occurred, brands gradually increased their video ad spend online, investing in linear and in-stream ad formats.

With the rise of smartphones and tablets, mobile video advertising reaches every corner of our lives—nearly 40% of YouTube’s global watch time comes from mobile.  This is causing a parallel shift in advertiser dollars from TV and desktop. (In 2014, 34% of advertisers indicated they planned to move money from TV ads to mobile.)

In 2015, we’ll see this transition kick into full swing, with much of the spend flowing programmatically through DSPs and other exchanges. While brand ads will become an essential part of the mobile ecosystem, they aren’t likely to displace the app install ads prominent in mobile video advertising.

For Zain’s other four predictions, check out the full article.

A Turning Point for Mobile App Advertising

No matter how mobile app advertising develops, it’s clear that it’s no longer the little guy. With premium inventory, high eCPMs, and solid engagement, brands will devote budget, strategy, and intention to succeeding in this space. By working together with tech partners, ad platforms, and data companies, this year will see the whole industry take a big step forward.

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