What You Should Know About Vungle’s New Exchange Partners

The Vungle team is celebrating today as we announce the launch of four new demand partnerships! Now, brands and agencies can buy Vungle video inventory programmatically through partners BrightRoll, Lyfe Mobile, Videomize and Conversant.

Vungle Exchange, the first-ever in-app video ad exchange, has quickly gained momentum after announcing partnerships with TubeMogul and Adap.tv earlier this year. With adults spending 51% of their time on digital media in apps, advertisers are looking for opportunities to engage consumers in this space. Spending on video ads is projected to nearly double by 2016.

Today, we caught up with our Head of Programmatic Sales, Michael Deignan, and asked three questions about our new partnerships and what they mean for advertisers and publishers.

Partnerships with DSPs give brand marketers greater access to our publisher inventory. What should they know about in-app mobile video?
Mobile in-app video is a unique opportunity for brands. Mobile video is an intimate experience. It’s very personal – your phone is eight inches from your face and unlike TV or desktop content its proximity commands more attention. Embracing the consumer experience, we’ve worked very closely with publishers to create engaging placements, one such is the opt-in interstitial.

Opt-in ads can be customized to appear at natural breaking points in the game – say, at the end of a level. Developers can choose to provide rewards, like in-app currency or an extra life, to users who watch these ads. This gives the user a choice to view a video, rather than forcing it on them, and they receive something of value in return. Publishers tell us users love these opportunities so much they actually ask for more of them.

For the advertiser, in-app mobile video experiences like this this are a great way to participate in a positive engaging moment with the consumer, rather than a disruptive one. Allowing the consumer to control the ad is a stark contrast from the traditional and we think it is unlocking new ways of delivering brand experiences.

What should marketers know about Vungle’s inventory?
Anyone who is advertising with mobile video right now is looking for quality sources of inventory. If they like the quality, they want to be able to buy a lot of it. Vungle brings that quality inventory to the table. A focus of ours has always been transparency and brand safety. Brands will know where their ads are running and how they are performing. If they see ads are performing well in a certain app, they can request that more of their budget is spent in that app.

The Vungle exchange also makes our inventory as accessible as possible to buyers. A lot of the market is shifting toward programmatic because they can get more granular targeting and be more effective with their ad spend to increase ROI. Ultimately, we want to give marketers the flexibility to purchase mobile video in the way they’re most comfortable with, whether that’s traditional i/o’s or programmatically through the exchange.

How do our new partnerships affect Vungle’s publishers?
The more diverse ads we can deliver, the better it is for the UX. Users won’t see the same ads, and they’ll see ads that resonate the most with them. For example, if a user doesn’t respond to an app install ad, we can serve them a brand ad. And vice versa.

Brand ads are also historically high-quality. Sometimes, they’re so good we see them as content. They make us smile, laugh. Tying this all together – tailored performance and great creative – creates a better experience for the user and better returns for the advertiser.

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