Google Advertising ID FAQs

As of August 1, 2014 Google requires that all services related to advertising targeting and tracking on Android use the Google Advertising ID in lieu of other identifiers.

Here’s some useful information to help ensure your Vungle implementation continues to run smoothly with this change:

What exactly is the Google Advertising ID?

Until recently, ad networks most commonly used Android ID, which is permanently connected to a device, raising privacy concerns for users who desire more control over their device ID.

The Google Advertising ID is a user-specific, unique, resettable, anonymous identifier for advertising created by Google.  This ID gives users better controls over targeting and provides developers with a standardized system to monetize their apps.

To find out more, you can read about Google’s new policy.

How will this change affect my app monetization?

The recent change in Google’s advertising policy is affecting the entire industry.  Here at Vungle we have worked with all of the major tracking providers to ensure their tracking and targeting technology is compliant with the new identifier. We recommend updating to the latest Vungle SDK, which has built in support for the Google Advertising ID in order to ensure a more seamless experience for in-app advertising.

As a Vungle developer, what do I need to do?

Be sure to update to the newest version of the Vungle SDK, which has built in support for the Google Advertising ID.  Updating will ensure your apps are compliant with Google’s new in-app advertising policy.

So, I won’t be able to use Android ID at all anymore?

All updates and new apps that get uploaded to the Google Play Store must switch to the Google Advertising ID after August 1st. The new Google policy will only allow developers to use the old Android ID in the event that a device does not support the GAID.

What versions of Android support this advertising identifier?

The Google Advertising ID is available for all devices that have Google Play Services 4.0+ installed. Google Play Services 4.0+ is compatible, but is not necessarily installed on, devices  running Android OS version 2.2+.

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