Healthy Competition: Brought To You By Vungle’s Engineering Interns

Back in February I told you about a super impressive hackathon that Vungle had the privilege of sponsoring and attending — the McHacks hackathon, hosted by three of McGill’s finest hustlers.  Fast forward five months, those awesome kids with the Vungle hustle spirit coursing through their veins, are killing it as our engineering interns. In the span of a few months these guys have made quite an impact at Vungle helping every team from engineering to sales to marketing!


These guys are always on — which is why we weren’t surprised when they dominated at LinkedIn’s hackday a few weeks back.  Vungle interns Sukwan Lee and Jonathan Choi spent a weekend competing against 250 of Silicon Valley’s top engineers from the likes of Google, Facebook, Palantir and of course, LinkedIn.


What did these guys create in just 24 hours to place them at the top of the rankings amongst such a fierce group of competitors? Well, let me tell you!


The guys started off brainstorming ideas — not quite sure of exactly which direction they wanted to take. Sukwan remembered back to a few weeks before when he was craving cup of coffee but wasn’t exactly digging the line — and that was it! What if you could create some sort of technology that would make it so you no longer had to wait in line?


While coffee lines are a pain in the behind, there are times when this waiting game is a bit more inconvenient — like lines in the emergency room (just sayin’). When you’re sick or hurt, but not sick or hurt enough to jump the emergency room line, you can end up waiting for hours in a packed room full other people with non-life threatening, albeit massive bummer ailments.  Not anymore!


Enter FastER, the app that helps you jump that emergency room line — well, sort of.  FastER helps you locate all of the hospitals within a one hour driving range, provides you with a map, estimated driving time, current wait time and allows you to queue up before you even enter the hospital.  While the app doesn’t exactly let you “jump” the emergency room line — because let’s be real, that would not be fair — it does help decrease the amount of time you’re forced to sit uncomfortably in the waiting room.


The app is not available to the public just yet — but it did win these innovative guys the fourth place spot at Linkedin’s hackday!  Is this something you would use? Let us know!


Interested in some healthy competition? On September 5th, Vungle is hosting its very own Beta Breakers Game Jam.  It will be a 24 hour hackathon centered around the indie gaming community and hosted at our office. Sign up today to meet some amazing folks from the mobile gaming industry and to compete for the chance to win some awesome prizes!

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