Win-Win: How Gamistry Monetizes & Maximizes UX With Vungle’s Video Ads

Guest Post By Djego Ibanez, Co-Founder, Gamistry

After endless days and nights spent developing the perfect game to challenge and delight users, the last thing any developer wants is to degrade the players’ experience with a poorly placed banner ad. But, while game monetization is a necessity for most developers, poor ad quality is not.  As a game developer and co-founder of Gamistry, I have learned that Vungle’s high-quality video ads help increase revenue while maintaining a game’s integrity and user experience.


Lately there has been a lot of discussion about premium vs. free-to-play games with in-app purchases and/or ad-support. While some might argue that F2P games tend to be less fun because there is a need to entice the player to make in app purchases, with ad-supported games this is not the case. With ad-support, developers can monetize games without having to flog IAPs. Here at Gamistry we have chosen to go this route. We’ve found that video ads are the best way to monetize, and Vungle is the best at video. Read on to learn from our experience.


Our  third independent game,  Scrap Tank, is an endless survival shoot-em-up style game. In a world dominated by sinister robots, the player takes control of the Scrap Tank and battles his way through the metal onslaught using an impressive array of hi-tech weapons.


From a design perspective, Vungle’s rewarded interstitial placement fit seamlessly into the gameplay. Vungle’s video ads are shown when the player taps a button — it’s their choice to view it, which we feel is a more user friendly option for our game. We view this as a fair trade; you help support us and enable us to create new games and in return we give scrap which you can spend on replenishing your ammunition or save up to buy upgrades.


The player views a video ad and gets scrap for their tank in return. We wanted to ensure the boost would truly help the player succeed. By watching the video ad at the beginning of the game, the player gains enough scrap to replenish the ammunition for most of their high-tech weapons later on..


This was our first time using Vungle’s SDK and our programmer did have a bit of difficulty integrating the Vungle SDK at first because it was conflicting with other ad systems we had previously integrated into our game. But, using the Prime31 plugin resolved the conflict between the ad systems and the time and work it saved us made it well worth the price.


Since implementing Vungle’s rewarded interstitial placement, video ads have earned us 29% more revenue than the revenue earned through interstitials.


Destroy enemies, collect scrap, and expand your tank by adding variety to your destructive capabilities. Watch one of Vungle’s 15-second videos to earn a bit of scrap for free!


And now I think it’s time to experience Scrap Tank, GL/HF!



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