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With Spring comes the beginning of so many wonderful things.  The sun begins peeking through the clouds, the Easter Bunny gears up to deliver sugar highs to children all over the world, and most importantly of all we are blessed with one month of uber-intense competitive college basketball — March Madness is upon us folks!  With so many games to watch, player stats to track and brackets to follow, it’s hard to keep all this information organized. Gameday Central is here to help.


Last March Android users were left to fend for themselves during March Madness with apps that only delivered fragmented NCAA news coverage — how were we supposed to stay in the know? This year things have changed for the better — with Gameday Central, Android-using sports fans can now rejoice. Receive updates on all of your favorite NCAA teams straight to your Android device: Get up-to-date insider stories and videos — even real-time weather, traffic and ticket reports on the day of the game so you never miss a beat.  No need to subscribe to 10,000 sites to track all of your favorite teams, Gameday Central does all the work for you so you can actually sit back, relax and do what really matters — watch your teams kill it during March Madness!!


Sam Pasquale, SVP at 2Thumbz, the developers behind Gameday Central states, “The faster a fan receives the breaking news and videos, the faster they can share with friends and enjoy college sports and the upcoming March Madness. Gameday Central allows NCAA fans to view their team’s top news, social media, and top blogs in one screen view.  Our goal was to build a high quality and distinct product for NCAA fans and a platform can be leverage for a variety of news and messaging applications.”


Download Gameday Central today, follow all your fave NCAA teams and be in the know this March Madness!  iOS folks, don’t feel left out! To download Gameday Central for your iOS device, click here.
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