Vungle’s Journey to the 1st Ever McHacks Hackathon

What could drag a Vungler away from beautiful, sunny (ok, maybe slightly foggy) San Francisco to the frigid, below freezing temperatures of Montreal in the middle of winter? A weekend of hackathon-tastic, poutine-fueled bliss at McGill University’s first annual McHacks hackathon! This past weekend, Vungle’s VP of Talent, Erik Juhl and VP of Engineering, Wayne Chan, sacrificed their usual tech t-shirts and jeans for some long underwear and a couple of down jackets and journeyed to Montreal to join this epic flagship event.


The guys weren’t quite sure what to expect when they stepped onto the McGill campus last Saturday morning. The Northeast is new territory for us Vunglers, but the duo were eager to meet a new group of talented engineers and techies.


Erik Juhl reflects on the inspiration behind Vungle’s journey to McHacks stating: “Vungle is an international company at heart, with plans for a big international presence immediately. We have representatives from over a dozen countries right now, and we truly treasure this level of diversity both on a cultural and business level.


The app ecosystem is a largely international phenomenon; there are thriving developer communities popping up all over the world, and it is our job at Vungle to make sure we are able to help these communities continue to grow and be successful.


McHacks gave us both the opportunity to meet hundreds of extremely talented individuals from a part of North America with quite a bit of untapped talent, and also exposed us to a whole new group of people who we will be able to help in the future — whether it be through job opportunities here at Vungle, or by using our platform to help their own projects grow.”


With students from all over the U.S. and Canada, Erik and Wayne expected to meet a group of extremely talented engineers, but what they did not expect was the Vungle-spirit displayed at the event as a whole.


Erik states, “What really stood out to us was the immense amount of hustle the organizers of McHacks had to have just to get this event to happen. Six months ago, McHacks was nothing more than a small club at McGill University, and now they are running Canada’s largest Major League Hacking sponsored hackathon with an attendee and sponsor list that was nothing short of impressive.


Moreover, the organization, and creative execution it took to bring this to fruition in such a short amount of time was truly amazing. This is what we at Vungle cherish above all else.  To have a chance to meet real Vungle quality hustlers on the other side of the country was an honor and a joy.”


Vungle’s journey to Montreal, the land of poutine and shivers was a HUGE success. The warmth, energy and hustle of the event organizers and participants was overwhelmingly delightful and we will definitely be attending McHacks for years and years to come!


Thank you for such an amazing experience McHacks! To see more photos from Vungle’s journey check out our Facebook  page.



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