Scandinavian Design: Meet the Danish creators behind ALL CAPS’ new game “Block Amok!”


Guest Post by Christian Hansen, ALL CAPS Games

Scandinavia, is a mythical place known for its Viking heritage and lightning-slinging gods, and in more recent years for furniture you need to assemble yourself, colorful plastic bricks and now, a fast-growing game developing industry.


Game developers in this cold region of the world are a tight-knit group where meetings, parties and other social engagements are frequent, often resulting in an exchange of plenty of knowledge and no shortage of laughs.

At times nothing directly productive emerges besides hangovers the next day and a few good memories to add to the list, but from these social gatherings, seeds of cooperation are planted and the community is strengthened. Relationships are built and nourished, and follow-up meetings are often initiated with tales of previous exploits and sentences starting with: “Remember that time…” before the conversation flows towards more serious matters such as retention, eCPM, the current market situation, etc.


Our company, ALL CAPS, has benefited greatly from the close relationships we’ve formed with our local developer community over the years. As many of you know, game developing can at times be a stressful, albeit fun, task and when things get a bit tense it really helps being close to other game developers that understand and relate to your day-to-day work and the issues you might be facing.


There is a range of different game development related education available in Scandinavia, and most of them here in Denmark focus on project-oriented teamwork. This means you get to work closely with a few other students for extended periods of time and learn who you’re good at working together with, and what your strengths are in a team. This model has made the transition from education to starting a company a bit more natural for us.


The Scandinavian governments provides an economical safety net for their population, which makes it possible to start a company on your own without the risk of losing everything — should it fail. However, like in the rest of the world, it’s not free to start and run a game developing company here. Thanks to the relationships we have been able to form with veterans in the gaming industry, we were very lucky to meet some investors who believed in our vision for our game “Block Amok” and truly wanted to help us make this vision a reality.


Many many long nights later, I am so excited to announce that “Block Amok,” a game my team began working back when we were still at university, is almost ready for release in the iOS App Store!  The game, which centers around wrecking a series of buildings using various unique vehicles, is cartoon-like, extremely colorful and surely one that both adults and children will enjoy. Thanks to the support of the Scandinavian gaming community, we have developed a product we are truly proud of and that we cannot wait for the rest of the world to enjoy. Be on the lookout for “Block Amok” in the iOS App Store in March 2014 and many more games from ALL CAPS in the future!

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