Ender’s Fund and the Happy Tree Friends Are Changing the Gaming World’s View of Games with Licensed Content

In recent years games have gotten a pretty bad rap for using licensed content.  It seems that developers who try their hand at creating a game centered around a popular show or movie get lost in the media hype and rely too heavily on the popularity of the content to drive user acquisition, rather than creating a unique user experience that keeps players engaged.  Ender’s Fund and MondoMedia partnered up to create a new Happy Tree Friends game called Deadeye Derby, that is about to change all that. Together they worked to create a game that is sure to delight loyal Happy Tree Friends fans, as well as gamers looking for a fun, new game to sink their teeth into.

Stephen Nosse, an artist over at Ender’s Fund states, “If you’re a fan of the show, you’re going to love, love, love this game. If you’re new to these characters, it’s a fun introduction into the madness and mayhem that is Happy Tree Friends.”  The game developers over at Ender’s Fund and the Happy Tree Friends creators over at MondoMedia combined their strengths in both gaming and animation to create a content rich game with a fun and unique user experience that is sure to keep viewers and gamers craving more.  Nosse states, “Deadeye Derby offers players a chance to explore four different and distinct environments, each with its own unique gameplay, vehicles, and obstacles. With unlockable characters, unlockable lands, challenging boss battles, upgradeable weapons and four different styles of customizable vehicles, the game is both broad in scope and deep in content.” The game is fun and engaging and completely on brand.

From the very beginning both the Ender’s Fund developers and Happy Tree Friends creators insisted on maintaining the integrity of these fluffy little jerks and worked closely together to stay true to the characters the audience has grown to love.  From custom artwork and animations to the music featured in the game, Nosse states, “We went to great lengths to keep a similar art style throughout.  Ken Navarro, the creator of Happy Tree Friends, provided brand new, custom artwork and animations specifically for the game, along with the very faithful art and animations that we created at Ender’s. The level of creative synergy between Mondo and Ender’s was truly extraordinary, and the result is an interactive, playable cartoon.”  Deadeye Derby truly gives you the sensation of being in a Happy Tree Friends episode, and in fact, MondoMedia has created an episode of the show called “Camp Pokeneyeout” just for the game.


As every game developer knows, monetizing your game and acquiring new users is a difficult task. By using Vungle’s SDK and working with MondoMedia to market an awesome product, Ender’s Fund marketing strategy is something developers should take note of.  Nosse states, “Vungle’s team provides an awesome set of tools and their support team is extremely helpful.  They have helped us drive user acquisition in the past and spike revenue for our games.”


Unlike previous developers who have relied solely on the popularity of the licensed content they are working with to drive their game (think Family Guy: Back to the Universe, and Enter the Matrix),  Ender’s uses the Happy Tree Friends content to complement an already awesome player experience.  According to Nosse, “Deadeye Derby utilizes many of the functions of the iPhone including the gyro system of the device along with a very unique “slingshot” weapon dynamic that allows for an extreme level of interactivity and player engagement. Combined with real-time, one-on-one, player vs. player gameplay, the game is definitely a unique physical experience.To date, we have yet to find another game in the US market that emulates this particular game mechanic.” Fuel your competitive cravings — challenge your friends, or play opponents from around the globe and fight your way to the top of the leaderboards!

Deadeye Derby proves that with a little collaboration, a bit of innovation and a lot of hard work game developers and outside content partners can unite to create something fun and new that everyone can enjoy.  Whether you’re a fan of the show or just enjoy a bit of healthy competition, Deadeye Derby is sure to keep you coming back again and again to drive your way to the top of the leaderboards.  Check out the show and download the game in the app store today to compete in the epic battle.

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