LAUNCHED: Vungle website 2.0

After months of redesign and construction, we at Vungle have unveiled our new website. The long awaited revamp has been a testament to a great display of all around teamwork. Members from every department played a hands on roll in getting the renovated up and running.

The launch of the new website was a natural progression for our fast growing startup here in Silicon Valley. Truth be told, this was no small project to fully redesign and better the site, however, the Vunglers are all unanimously pleased with the finished product. The newly updated website reveals a functional and visually appealing design that speaks true to our culture and guides visitors through our core messaging propositions. The site funnels visitors to the two main services provided by Vungle, publishers and advertisers/brands. Along with our these, you can learn about the team and favorite American or British saying. If you’re curious what’s the favorite phrase of our five-pound Chihuahua mascot, Morty, head over to our team page to see for yourself.  At Vungle, we pride ourselves on our originality and we wanted to portray that through Here are a few examples:


Vungle 3


The Mad Scientist symbolizes our focus on innovation and data science. Ultimately, we’re a start-up and will never lose our creative roots.Vungle 2

The Professor emphasizes thought leadership, and our thesis that video advertising can be implemented in a way that’s lucrative yet user friendly.

Vungle 1

The Crane Game is a metaphor for the various channels available to advertisers to reach consumers. We’re stressing here that mobile is the prize and is the emerging medium that will trump the traditional.


Cheers to an all around group effort to push this live and start Q2 off with our Vungle website 2.0.


Vungle's marketing team members have experience in gaming monetization, performance marketing, brand advertising, mobile analytics, app development and SaaS. We're former attorneys, journalists, research analysts, financial advisors and product managers. We are committed to producing content that helps brands and publishers across all verticals and industries grow their mobile businesses.

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