Vungle Open Exchange

We connect advertisers and publishers to simplify the ad-buying process.

Vungle is the first-ever exchange for in-app video ads

Programmatic ad-buying can connect you with desirable audiences in ways that traditional media can’t. Join the thousands of the brands that buy video inventory programmatically and at scale with Vungle Open Exchange.

Protect your brand

  • Non-disruptive


    Deliver a seamless ad experience with Vungle’s opt-in placements.

  • Viewable Video

    Viewable Video

    Control the end-to-end experience to ensure 100% viewable video ad delivery.

  • Brand Safety

    Brand Safety

    Get full transparency and quality guaranteed in all video ad delivery.

Control the video ad experience

  • User preferences

    User preferences

    Video ads continue to run visually even if sound is turned off in device settings.

  • Formats and lengths

    Formats and lengths

    Fit ads into a native app for a richer user experience. Run lengths up to 30 seconds.

  • Calls to action

    Calls to action

    Enhance ad experiences with a variety of interactive video end cards.