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Introducing Vungle Exchange!

Today is a super exciting day in Vungle history — Vungle Exchange, the first-ever exchange built from the ground up for in-app video ads!

What does this mean for you our favorite publishers and advertisers? Take a look at our Vungle Exchange video below and read all about Vungle Exchange right here on our blog:


tvbrand Beautiful high-quality ads that load instantly for a great UX:

Vungle Exchange will only serve high-resolution, high-bitrate 15-second video ads for a high-quality ad experience in applications.


eye iconVideo ads served into apps in the blink of an eye:

Vungle has overcome significant technology barriers to low-latency ad-serving on mobile to achieve the lowest latency in the market. Vungle Exchange can serve a video ad in less time than it takes the human eye to blink!


safe iconBrand-safe inventory and ads:

Advertisers are sensitive to where their ads run, and developers are sensitive to which ads appear in their apps. Vungle Exchange uses granular controls based on category, device, and age restrictions.


participate iconEasy to participate on Vungle Exchange leveraging existing standards:

Vungle Exchange will initially support the IAB’s Video Ad Serving Template (VAST). But Vungle has also built flexible server-side technology that adapts to new formats and creative types. Developers don’t have to do any client-side work to conform to industry standard as they evolve, and advertisers can use their existing creatives.


optimizationOptimization for publishers and advertisers:

Vungle Exchange utilizes unique algorithms to optimize between app install ads and brand ads, depending on the user, to maximize revenue potential for developers and return on ad spend for advertisers.

We’re so excited for the launch of Vungle Exchange — we hope you are too! Please feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions.



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