Introducing Mediation Support at Vungle

Vungle’s success is tied to the success of our publishers, and it’s our goal to support you at every step of the monetization journey. Monetization can be complex, but it’s also critical. Many publishers choose to develop an exclusive relationship with an ad network like Vungle to monetize their apps. Some choose to work with […]

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The Top Three Hurdles Between Brands and Mobile Advertising

A version of this article was originally published in Marketing Week on September 22, 2015.  Last month, communications regulator Ofcom declared that the UK is now a “smartphone society.” From cheaper smartphones to faster 4G connections, the fact that we spend more than 50% of our digital time on mobile devices is not surprising. What is surprising […]

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Ready, Set, Jam: The Creative Benefits of Game Jams

When you’re in the middle of a long-term project, tapping the brakes and taking a moment to clear the air with a lighthearted diversion can be perfect for recharging your creative engines. Game jams are a great way to break up the grind of long-term mobile dev projects, but they can also provide quick inspiration […]

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7 Characteristics of a Successful Game Studio

Some of you have likely read Ed Catmull’s Creativity, Inc. The book dives into the creative process at Pixar and describes how the studio managed their creativity, which resulted in a seemingly endless string of blockbuster movies, and it provides insight into how Pixar maintained its creativity throughout tremendous growth. Reading the book had me […]

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Now Introducing Vungle Premium

Today, we’re thrilled to bring to market Vungle Premium – the best programmatic private marketplace for brands to advertise in the world’s hottest apps.  Premium solves a critical challenge facing brands seeking to shift their budgets from traditional advertising to a mobile environment. “Advertisers miss great opportunities to run video campaigns during an app’s peak popularity, […]

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An In-Depth Look At Emerging Mobile Markets

We’re making big bets on publishers in emerging markets. While the smartphone revolution may have started in developed markets in the West, we’re confident that the largest growth wave of publishers will actually come from the emerging markets in the East. In order to explore this hypothesis, we conducted a market research study with data […]

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New UA Report: How 700 Top Mobile Developers Land High-Quality Users

With millions of apps and games flooding the highly competitive mobile marketplace, user acquisition is becoming an increasingly critical component for success among developers and publishers. We know it takes hard work to cut through the noise and reach top quality users, which is why we’re especially honored to be mentioned as one of “Eight […]

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#HustleforGood: Join Vungle in the Fight to End Childhood Cancer

The Vungle Cares team will gather at the San Francisco Zoo to raise our voices in support of a critical issue in our country: Childhood cancer. We’ll be walking in the St. Jude Walk/Run to End Cancer, raising funds to support the lifesaving mission of St. Jude – where no family ever receives a bill for treatment, […]

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How to Prepare for iOS 9

Last week, Apple announced their yearly fall iPhone-centric event which means the launch of iOS 9 is just around the corner. iOS 9 introduces a slew of “under-the-hood” improvements to enhance performance, battery life and security. Have no fear, Vungle’s current iOS SDK 3.1.2 is compatible with the latest iOS 9 GM Seed and works as […]

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